A Blog Without a Purpose

I woke up this morning to a very cool outside temperature of -23 degrees Celsius.  That’s a frigid -9 degrees Fahrenheit for all you Americanos, and a balmy 250 degrees Kelvin for all you nerds.  I love nerds.  But only when they’re worn on other people.  I don’t like nerd on me.  So I’ve got issues, doesn’t everybody?

Which reminds me, weren’t the nerds supposed to take over the world?  What with all the computerized gadgets that were supposed to infiltrate our lives, maybe even our bodies, literally?  Or maybe the nerds did take over.  And maybe the gadgets have taken over our lives.  What is this machine that I am typing on anyways?  It’s not connected to anything, so how do these words escape my screen, fly to the big machines in the sky, and multiply like nerds without a calculator to bore into millions of other computer screens around the world.  Or maybe thousands in my case.  Hundreds?  Tens?  What comes after tens?

computer screen

My computer screen.  Note the use of  artistic lighting.

Oh, those sneaky nerds, they’ve done it after all!  But I digress …

Now you might think that today, being the coldest day of the year, would be an indoor day, right?  But no, because DRAGONE Junior had his heart set on meeting some NBA All-Stars in downtown Toronto and he needed a drive to the subway station.  (he has since returned with stories of insane line-ups, unruly security guards, sightings of NBA All-Stars from a great distance, and an autograph from Marcus Smart who is not an All-Star but was secretly hiding out in a Footlocker store that Junior went into for the purpose of genuinely buy shoes).  Then Mrs. DRAGONE needed me to do a Costco run so that she can enjoy her special yogurt without missing a single day of it.  Baby DRAGONE is currently taking a nap, and likely he will want to go out in the afternoon.  So no, -23 degrees Celsius does not make an indoor day at the DRAGONE household.


An autograph from Marcus Smart.  Note the use of artistic lighting.

Oh oh, Baby DRAGONE has just woken, and Mrs. DRAGONE is on her way out the door.  I may have to resort to mesmerizing Baby with some funny Youtube cat videos that I’ve fed through my other laptop to the TV screen.  I’m not allowed to do that, so  SHHHHHHHH!  Don’t tell Mrs. DRAGONE.  I know what you’re thinking, but she doesn’t read this blog so we’re cool if you guys keep quiet.



Hey, Baby didn’t ask for the Youtube.  He’s coloring.  Conscience saved!


Crayons.  Art.

I was going to write about something today, but now I can’t remember what.  At any rate, I now must resume my fatherly responsibilities, soooooooooo …



DRAGONE critiques news, entertainment, sports, fashion, and love. He also has ADD, but that is irrelevant.
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