I Want To Go Into Space

I have a very, very short bucket list.  Just two things on it:  1. Chase a tornado.  2. Go into space.

Damn those tornados are elusive.  I keep chasing those red radar dots but pretty soon I’m going to have to book a trip down South.  Down to tornado alley.

But meanwhile, my favorite entrepreneur, the great Virgin Richard Branson, has built a new spaceship.  The old one blew up.

The idea is to blast space tourists up, just barely into space, for a few minutes of floating around weightless overtop of Planet Earth.  WOW !!!

Do you think they would let me bring potato chips up into space so that I can recreate one of my favorite television space scenes ever?  “Deep Space Homer” aired almost 22 years ago today.



One of the only times I’ve truly appreciated classical music.  I love my Homer.



About Derek

I'm a dude. Geez, How many times do I have to say I'VE GOT ADD!
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