I Want To Meet A Neanderthal

Oh, one more thing on my short bucket list that I mentioned in my last post.  Not only do I want to go into space and chase a tornado (those are separate items), but I also want to meet a Neanderthal.  I just didn’t include it before because this one might not be realistic.  And even if we can clone a Neanderthal from DNA that we find in a cave somewhere, there’s those ethical questions that have to be answered.

A Neanderthal had a different brain than ours.  Not necessarily stupider, but different.  So what if Neanderthals actually could think in a different sort of dimensional way?  (don’t ask me what I mean, because I don’t know).  What if Neanderthals had brains that were capable of understanding and imagining things that we can’t imagine.

Like, say, God.  The real God.  Not the God that sends you to heaven or hell.  The God that created the Universe. ozzy The God that us humans are incapable of understanding because how can you possibly understand how the universe was created (including time itself)?  It would be like trying to teach a dog to understand poetry.  Or trying to teach DRAGONE how to understand poetry. (I kid you not I hear dogs barking in the background right now, and I’m not making this up!)


But then again, maybe there are Neanderthals that live among us.  Say, when is Ozzy touring again?



DRAGONE critiques news, entertainment, sports, fashion, and love. He also has ADD, but that is irrelevant.
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3 Responses to I Want To Meet A Neanderthal

  1. You can go into space, witness a tornado, and meet Neanderthals all in one trip if you go storm chasing with Texans and they flip their truck. You’d be shocked how often this happens.

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  2. Fijay says:

    :D:D:D Loved this post ……Love Ozzy too …he always reminds me of a kind of goth rock Homer Simpson with a ‘Brum’ accent:D:D:D …..good luck with your bucket list …REALLY hope you make it 🙂

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