What the Hell?

yin yang

When God was creating shapes he really outdid himself with the circle.  It’s perfect.  A line is too one-dimensional.   Incapable of abstract thought.  A triangle is like,                                “ME STRONG !!!”  A square is like, me so sad  :@(   A circle is simple and pure.  Perfect.

Except for one thing.  It’s too easy to get lost in a circle.  You never know where you are because everywhere looks the same.  You can’t figure out where you’re going and you have no idea where you’ve been.

Come to mention it, that’s kind of how DRAGONE feels about his blog.

DRAGONE has an abundance of impatience.  Unable to sit still, today he set out to further his quest of creating a perfect blog.  His first visit was with his philosophy coach.  Yes, DRAGONE has a philosophy coach.  So what?

Phil the Philosophy Coach reached into his drawer of used fortune cookies and pulled out a beauty.  “Bullshit is a dish best served with an aura of meaningfulness.”  That sounds important, Phil, but what the hell does it really mean?  “Exactly, my sharp-fanged hairy little grasshopper.” Whatever.  And didn’t anyone ever tell Phil that classy Chinese restaurants don’t serve fortune cookies?

DRAGONE’s next stop, his old high school physics teacher, Mr. Fucknuts.  That’s not his real name, just a stage name I gave him to make him sound more sexy.  Mr. Fucknuts lifted his prick of a finger into the air and wagged it about.  “What goes up must come down.”  Why that’s a very accurate observation of you, Mr. Fuck.  Nuts.

So enough with the nerdy egg-heads DRAGONE thought, and off he went to visit his pot dealer.  Phil the pot dealer.  So how’s business Phil?  “What goes up must come down.  And back they come for some more.  Full circle.  Yin Yang.” 

Say what?  Now wait a second.  I realized that my philosophy coach, physics teacher, and pot dealer all looked alike.  But I thought that they were cousins from a small town, or something.  It never occurred to me until just now that they are all in fact the same person.  Wow.  Mind blown.

Full circle.  Yin Yang.  What the hell?



DRAGONE critiques news, entertainment, sports, fashion, and love. He also has ADD, but that is irrelevant.
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