Baseball Is Not A Sport

fat texas baseballAs you all know, I am a BIG sports fanatic.  I love all sports.  NBA Basketball, NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, High School Football, NAACP Basketball, and so on.  I love them all!  But baseball, ladies and gentlemen, is not a sport.

Any activity which fat people can excel at is not a sport.  Unless it happens to be a sport where fatness is an advantage, such as sumo wrestling or golf.  Furthermore, it turns out that Canadians are good at baseball.  Witness the Toronto Blue Jays. John-Daly-Fat

Look, I’m not saying that Canadians are not good athletes, but this is a matter of mathematics.  Canada is a small country.  All of its athletic resources are funneled into hockey (which I consider only a half-sport since the Black population has not yet discovered it).  Canada has no more athletes left over to compete in any other sport.  So the fact that Canadians are good at baseball is proof that baseball, in fact, is not a sport.Canadian baseball

I did notice that baseball players get paid a lot of money.  Well good for them, getting paid hundreds of millions of dollars to sit on their asses and chew tobacco.  By the way, I’m not jealous.  I’m just an impartial observer without the luxury of assistants to do any fact checking.



DRAGONE critiques news, entertainment, sports, fashion, and love. He also has ADD, but that is irrelevant.
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