Cutting Grass vs. Shoveling Snow

cutting-grass-with-scissors-nt-lawnI hate cutting the grass.  Not because it’s hard work – it’s not.  But it’s tedious work.  I hate having to move the lawn mower sideways to cut around oddly shaped edges.  Speaking of edges, I hate edging (or whatever it’s called – that funny machine that spins a little plastic rod around really fast).  Oh yeah, I hate gardening too.


Now shoveling snow – that I love.  The deeper the better.  Well there is a limit.  When I have to do it in stages because it’s just that deep, well then it’s not as much fun.  But other than that, I love shoveling snow.  And chopping wood.  So satisfying.

So just to recap now.  I hate fussy work and making things beautiful.  I love exerting myself and throwing shit around.  Damn I wish I could remember my early childhood.  It must have been … interesting.



DRAGONE critiques news, entertainment, sports, fashion, and love. He also has ADD, but that is irrelevant.
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2 Responses to Cutting Grass vs. Shoveling Snow

  1. You sound like such a manly man DG. Do you recall the Monty Python song about the Lumber Jack??? It’s quite humorous. I think you might enjoy it.

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