Signed By “Who’s Always Late For Class? – Jennifer Ping”

Who knew that Godiva chocolates were delicious?  I’ve always listed Ferrero Roches as my favourites, and they still are, but despite the fact that these Godivas are made with dark chocolate they are indeed delicious.  Thank you Jennifer Ping.

Yes, that’s the same Jennifer Ping that gave me a card signed by “Who’s always late for class? – Jennifer Ping”, complete with a crying emoji.

You see, she needs to maintain her 85% average in Calculus, and there’s the exam coming up next week.  Little does Jennifer Ping know that she will have no trouble with the exam, since it is way easier than the super hard tests I’ve been making specifically for her (and a couple of other slackers).  low gradeThat’s just my way of enforcing karma, since it’s not fair that she can show up to class whenever she feels like it, write a test a few days late, while making up some lame excuse.  She even emailed me a picture of her thermometer showing a low grade fever (C’mon Jennifer, couldn’t you find a place to put that thing that would give it a higher reading?).

I’m an INFP.  I hate confrontation but I absolutely must maintain fairness, on principle.  It’s a hard combo to live with.

christian-louboutin-mens-sneakers-01Oh, and here’s a pair of shoes that one of my students bought recently.  They’re more expensive than my car.  Gotta love working at a private school 🙂



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3 Responses to Signed By “Who’s Always Late For Class? – Jennifer Ping”

  1. Quirky Girl says:

    Ya know, I had come up with all sorts of off the wall, unconventional gift ideas for my boys’ teachers… but shoes? Now that’s an interesting one. Do they actually fit? 😀

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