Apparently I Was Out In Public With a Froggy Umbrella

frog umberellaDoes this look like an umbrella suitable for a grown man?  I ask you readers, in all honesty, what kind of a woman would attempt to humiliate her husband with such cruelty?

This morning I had to take Baby DRAGONE to daycare on the streetcar.  In the rain.  You see, I happen to be at a time where I am in between cars.  Some people are “in between jobs”, I am “in between cars”.  My trusty reliable Corolla got smashed up real good, as was noted a couple of blogs ago.  Thankfully, yours truly DRAGONE escaped without a scratch with only one scratch courtesy of a super powerful air bag and my ninja blocking skills.  Looks like all those years riding bumper cars paid off!

So today I ventured into the outside world beyond the confines of my house or car.  Ahhhhhhhhh Nature!  But what made this particularly challenging was that I was transporting Baby DRAGONE, in the rain, with an essential stop at Tim Horton’s, trying to figure out if the streetcar accepts Presto cards, and hoping preying that we can make this trip while “in between potties”.

I had my nondescript black umbrella tested and ready to go, but Mrs. DRAGONE insisted that I take the green umbrella.  “He really likes it” apparently.  Well little did I know that I would be coming back home, by myself, shielding my sensitive skin with a green froggy umbrella.  All by myself, with no baby in sight.  Just a grown man.  And a green froggy umbrella with giant bulging eyes.

A woman laughed at me while we were waiting for the streetcar.  “Awesome umbrella”, she giggled.  I ask you readers, do I look like a man fit to be mocked like a cartoon character?

Upon arriving back home I found my front door wide open.  This was a tricky little adventure, with lots of little things to plan.  My ADD does not do well in these situations.  How was I also supposed to remember to close the door on the way out?

Well, as my little one would say – WE DID IT!


p.s. don’t you find that cute writing style of crossing out words to show fake your thought process in a humorous way annoying?  I do.  I thought I would experiment with it but in my opinion, experiment failed.


DRAGONE critiques news, entertainment, sports, fashion, and love. He also has ADD, but that is irrelevant.
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11 Responses to Apparently I Was Out In Public With a Froggy Umbrella

  1. Beaton says:

    I think its kinda neat crossing out words and then editing them showing your creative thought process….. If you ask me which you didn’t so I’ll Just tell you my opinion anyway the experiment was hilarious.

    PS The froggy umbrella is cute as duck

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  2. Quirky Girl says:

    As someone who has been known to drink her kids’ juice boxes while driving without the kids actually in the vehicle with me, I would probably just assume that someone with a bright green groggy umbrella either a) has one or more kids, or b) has a fun sense of humor. 😀

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  3. cracTpot says:

    It’s clearly a masculine umbrella…now if froggy had long eye lashes (the universal gender identifier for all cartoon characters), well then you might have dipped a toe into cross dressing. Close call!

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  4. susielindau says:

    That’s worse than having to buy tampons. Ha!

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  5. Ah, Tim Horton’s makes another appearance! 🙂


  6. FOOD4THOUGHT says:

    It would say that I am a dad that puts my kids’ first. I always do as a Mom. I would think nothing out of the ordinary about it. Keep using it. Your kids would thank you for it

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