Now Isn’t This Sweet?

All I was doing was using Google to look up “doughnuts” vs. “donuts”.  Is it a Canadian vs. American spelling thing?  I am a plain sort of guy so I like to use the term donut.  Just like I use the term “check” instead of “cheque”.

And now, after looking up check vs. cheque, I see that this is a Canadian vs. American thing.  Well actually a British vs. American thing, but Canadians are just British-lite.

Anyhow …

sprinkledoughnutAs I was innocently looking up the two different spellings of the word donut, so that I can tell you all about how I am beaten down every morning by my 2-year-old to buy him a donut with sprinkles as the only way to get him out of the house so that I’m not late for work …. AGAIN.  As I was looking up this cute and innocent bit of information the very first thing that Google gave me was this:

That’s right.  A little establishment in downtown Toronto called “Glory Hole Doughnuts”.  Their motto:  “What Creams Are Made Of”.

This is a real donut, I mean doughnut, shop.  Selling real donuts.  Doughnuts.  Whatever.  Surely there’s a way to incorporate “nuts” into all of this, but I’m not even going to try.



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I'm a dude. Geez, How many times do I have to say I'VE GOT ADD!
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5 Responses to Now Isn’t This Sweet?

  1. cracTpot says:

    My bribe of choice was Timbits. I got the 10 pack because I was economical, and then after distributing 1 to each child for good behaviour, I ate the rest myself as a stand against childhood obesity. Don’t ever say I never make sacrifices for my kids 😉

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  2. You guys have donuts AND coffee. I’m there. Later Merika, lol.

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