The Art of Blogging

Due to my great perceived success as a master blogger, and fortunately for you my humanitarian tendency/strategy, I, DRAGONE, shall empty my skull to give you, the bloggee, my pearls of jam.  I have compiled a list of advice in chronological order which, for the sake of suspension, I will impart to you in reverse, starting from number 5, a la classic clean-shaven David Letterman.  Unfortunately the clever auto numbering feature on WordPress does not allow me to number items in reverse order, therefore you will have to remind yourself that the order is, in fact, desrever (and no, in case you were wondering, that is not a palindrome).

  1. Don’t hinder your creativity with annoying copyright laws. It is not a sin to Google.  Google to your heart’s content.  And if anyone has an issue with it, take it to the privacy of your own bathroom, along with your laptop of course.  Its not like you’ll go blind or anything.
  2. Never blog about blogging in your actual blog. Its like having a side of nachos with your 5 dollar all-you-can-eat spaghetti meal.  Its rude, meta, and just plain bad luck.
  3. Save your bad blogs for sunny days, just like you save your bad underwear for those incontinent days. That way, only the palest of readers will be subject to your incoherent ramblings.  All of the jocks and beautiful people who you aspire to read your ramblings will be out playing beach dodgeball.
  4. Save your really bad blogs for your worst enemies. Tag them with clever phrases such as “this one’s for you Stacy”, or “suck on this Chad”, or “rude door-to-door energy salesman”, or “noisy dog next door”.  They may not find their way to all your intended homes, but this form of carpet tagging will take out some of your most annoying followers.
  5. And finally, my number 1 piece of advice. Blog what you love, love what you blog.  If that happens to be plus sized furry cat models, then so be it.  If you fancy pregnant grannies (who I affectionately call prannies), then who is the public to judge?  If it is photography, or poetry, or nature in general that you love, then even you are entitled to your beliefs.  This is a free country.  Well mine is (Canada).  I don’t know about yours.



DRAGONE critiques news, entertainment, sports, fashion, and love. He also has ADD, but that is irrelevant.
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5 Responses to The Art of Blogging

  1. Quirky Girl says:

    Never blog about blogging in your blog… 😂


  2. Such wisdom! Such insight! Such…wait…what? Didn’t you just break your own rule?
    Oddly enough, I read somewhere, probably on a blog, that bloggers love to read about blogging on other people’s blogs. Bunch of narcissists.


  3. You are allowed to break all the rules, as long as no one gets hurt…unless they deserve it, lol.

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