I Can’t Think of a Title

BlahDRAGONE is bored.  He is bored of the Sun.  He is bored of the calm and bored of the drama.  He is bored of that piece of popcorn that is stuck between his molars.  DRAGONE sighs.

Another boring person walks past his window.  With a dog.  Then a car.

DRAGONE is bored, yet his heart is beating.  His world is uncertain.  Action is just around the corner.  A corner, somewhere.

Sadness is boring.  Everyone is sad.  Even the happy people are sad on the inside.  Sad and bored.

DRAGONE is waiting for a miracle to resuscitate him with some serious mouth to mouth.  He can keep waiting.  And waiting.  Because miracles happen, but not very often.  When they do happen its usually because you’ve jumped off a bridge and are daring them to happen.  And then they still usually don’t.

Miracles especially don’t happen to boring people.  In fact, nothing happens to boring people.  Nothing good.

DRAGONE is sad.  Nobody can see him.  Except for the children.


DRAGONE critiques news, entertainment, sports, fashion, and love. He also has ADD, but that is irrelevant.
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3 Responses to I Can’t Think of a Title

  1. Quirky Girl says:

    Hmm. Is the moral of the story that the world is a sad and boring place? 😐😝

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  2. Quirky Girl says:

    The blah and crappy moments always pass, and tomorrow is indeed a new day. 😊


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