dinosaur eyeDRAGONE does not blink ……………………………………………. first.

Go ahead and try me.  Stare into my big bull eyes.  I dare you.  Guaranteed, you will blink first.

Why? Because DRAGONE would rather cry than blink.  To hold in pain with a stone cold face is to be a man.  You will not even get a blink from my eye.

But DRAGONE will blink when you’re not looking.  Go ahead, look away from your screen.  I will blink.

Because everyone blinks.  Eventually.  Unless they die first.  Then typically the coroner closes their eyelids, never to reopen.  But that is still not a blink.

Okay, there you go. I blunk.

If you blink you will miss something.  Miss what?  Misunderstanding.  That’s what you get when you don’t blink.

If you blink you will lose that moment.  That moment where everything makes sense.  One moment its there, and the next its gone.  The whole universe and the meaning of life made sense, in a brief and fleeting moment.  And then its gone.  You’re no longer sure if you took the red or the blue pill.  You can’t even remember which pill is reality, and which is not, and so it doesn’t matter anyway.  You will never know if what you remember is real or fantasy.

One moment you are a baby.  The next you’re a smart ass teenager.  Then you go to work, and then you’re an old woman or an old man.  It all happens in a blink.  Tyrannosaurus Rex ruled the world for millions of years.  And then he was gone.

If you blink then you give in.  You say “I’m human.  I’m not a T-Rex.  I’m not a machine.”  So what have you got to lose?

DRAGONE has convinced himself that he can blink first.  His eyes are rather beautiful actually.  Blinking keeps them soft and vibrant.  And if one moment is lost, then another will be found.




DRAGONE critiques news, entertainment, sports, fashion, and love. He also has ADD, but that is irrelevant.
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