Summer From the Midriff Down

Enough play.  It is now time for DRAGONE to contemplate a serious topic.  My summer shoes.

red shoesI know, I know, there’s a lot going on in this picture.  So let me break it all down for you, from the bottom up.

My red Tommy Hilfiger low rise sneakers, if I may make up my own term for them.  I grew up wearing sneakers, but then at some point all the cool kids started wearing sandals.  So even though sandals felt weird at first, I played along.  And now, with the idea of wearing sandals still a modern thing to do in my mind, I look around and all I see is fat middle-aged men wearing sandals.  Well not all of them are fat.  And so, being the cool kid that I still am, I have gone to the summer sneaker look.

My swim suit.  If I have to be fashionable with my footwear, then allow me to be comfortable with my mid-section wear.  The beauty of wearing these babies all day every day throughout the summer is NO UNDERWEAR!  That’s right, swim suits have built in underwear.  Sort of.

I then thought I would tease all the ladies with my midriff.  Yes, I know that my hairy navel is sexy to look at, which is why I capitalized on the product placement Tim Horton’s cup.  Delicious navel, delicious coffee.  It’s a mind manipulation tactic.  Don’t blame me, I didn’t invent psychology.



DRAGONE critiques news, entertainment, sports, fashion, and love. He also has ADD, but that is irrelevant.
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